160GB Super-SuperFloppy

19 12 2009

Copy-and-Paste from my Google site (sites.google.com/site/160gbfloppy):

I created this site to show off my 160GB floppy drive. Now, after that sentence, you probably have high hopes. You might be thinking of really cool mods or extreme compression. Well, no. This is a simple case mod to take my certifiably boring SimpleTech 160GB HDD out of its Italian-designed case and put it into an IBM UltraBay floppy drive case. So, let’s get to the explanation and lots of pics:

The drive, in all its certifiably boring glory.
Hey, it was designed by the same Italian dude who designs Ferraris!
Drive case w/ SATA to USB controller glued in.
Another angle. The board is resting on foam pads.
In case you were wondering, this is the drive that was in there, which, as I helpfully wrote on it, has one missing read head.
And this is the 160GB Samsung drive that is now in there.
Ready for a drive.
Drive, case, and cover. Your choice of famous trios.
The drive’s in!
The other side. How incredibly different and amazingly interesting.
Ready to put the cover on.
It fits nicely!
My favorite way to hold it shut!
Good old tape to keep the edges even.
And it’s done! Now, some photos of the end result.
Front view.
It still fits in the drive bay!
The lights: Red for power and Blue for use.
Wishes for Rev. 2: USB/power on back, ability to connect through UltraBay, bigger drive.
Well, That’s all for this mod, see ya!



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