IOS236 Installer Pro-Piracy Edition

13 12 2011

So, Dr. Clipper and/or davebaol is/are being (a) total asshole(s) to any and all pirates who use their installer. (Man, that was a lot of ambiguity avoidance.)

The installer makes it seem that it can also install something to assist in running pirated games, but really uninstalls itself if informed that you would like it to do so. It also prevents you from running it again, though this can be circumvented.

I’m not really a fan of (read: I FUCKING HATE) this behaviour, so I modified the code to remove it. You can find my modification (and its source code) here:

Enjoy it.



23 responses

1 07 2012

Thank you. I hate the paternalistic bullshit from Dr. Clipper.

18 07 2012

Thank you so much I hate that lil clipper faggot man

1 08 2012
Hot 4 you

Thank you. So much better than his one use crap. You got me out of trouble when i needed to reinstall it.

6 09 2012


14 09 2012

Your code modification worked like a charm: easy, smooth install. Haven’t tested it yet. Hope my Wii don’t shit a brick šŸ˜›

Barring that, which I doubt likely given your well-written grievances and politeness within the install menu, this one-eyed, peg-legged, Wii-lubber thanks you!

20 10 2012

Found out my wii disc drive broke, so I needed to use illegitimate means to play games I own legally. Tried installing his ios236…screwed me over. Thanks for not being a judgemental asshole.

20 11 2012

seriously dude who the hell does he think he is? Thanks !

4 02 2013
Jake Harris

You are a freakin’ legend. Thank you!

19 04 2013

thankyou mate,if this is another prank then,well i guess I deserve it.

27 05 2013

I’d rather be a pirate who occasionally borrowings things from millionaires than a dishonest fuckhead who makes unauthorized alterations to peoples hardware based on a button press. Fuck Dr. Clipper I hope his mom clips off his dick

30 05 2013

thanks mate i’ll try it, i pressed the wrong button on accident :/

4 07 2013

Thanks dude, you really saved me! Great Job!

11 07 2013
Colby Libby

Well this was quite a lifesaver, although I don’t play pirated games, I enjoy to pluck at my other games. I heard the two choices were the exact same, so I decided to choose the latter option. I thought it was a joke at first, but then I started panicking when I couldn’t install startpatch due to IOS236 not existing. I started up the installer again and shat the pigs a house after realizing the installer was so meddlesome. Curses.

11 07 2013
Colby Libby

And on another note, it’s like Paper Mario: TTYD. You get the diary, ghost T. tells you not to read it, yet you you still read it, and then your ass is grass. And this program is a savior, like the save point. Odd and meaningless analogy, but nonetheless, the same. (kinda.)

2 02 2014

I understand that Dr. Clipper doesn’t want to support piracy but I’m only using this to get the Metroid Prime Trilogy and Xenoblade. There is no way in hell I’m giving Gamestop 70-80 dollars which Nintendo, Retro, and Monolith won’t see a dime of. I wish this Clipper guy would stop being such a moralfag.

10 02 2014

Just wanted to add a note that this is a great download (as of 2014), thanks so much! Fucking Dr. Clipper, I hope he outlives his children, sanctimonious son of a bitch.

23 04 2014

fucking faggot wrecked my dvd drive, I bet this guy is probably the biggest of hypocrites pirating shit everyday and giving others shit for doing the same, what a fuck.

13 05 2014
Karmaic Avidity (@izahmarx)

You are literally the light of my life. I used the original code thing and got that pirate bullshit forced into my face. Good thing my Wii’s disc drive is legit broken! This workaround or whatever you did is the reason I didn’t throw my Wii through a second story window. Thank you.

26 06 2014

That’s true. Dr. Clipper is a total fucking asshole and I want to give him a reward. The reward?: PUNCH IN THE FACE!

8 10 2014
Matthew Young

kudos +1

9 03 2015

Thanks for this. The worst part of the whole debacle is that the wording in his “Step 2” is incredibly and unnecessarily deceptive. I decided to install the Homebrew Channel and a USB loader on a second Wii for the first time after my old Wii died, and after a disc of a game I wanted to play was scratched up beyond repair, constantly erroring mid-game. I get to the IOS236 install and obviously I click “yes” because I am not going to be using my scratched-up disc; I assume the step is somehow necessary for running games off a connected USB drive. Why on earth would I assume it was simply a moral question regarding whether or not you *own* the original disc? The Wii isn’t going to judge me and only play a game via USB if I paid for the game, so why would I ever think that’s what was being referred to?

It’s more than a little frustrating to be jerked around after such a chain of events simply because the author decided to throw something so unnecessary in to “make a statement.”

29 10 2015

thanks for this worked perfect

29 11 2015

Hi everyone,

Just tried to use this one but I get stuck on the screen when it asks to press 1 to continue installing. Do you know anything about that?

Btw, thanks for helping us in solving Dr Clipper evil plan … I thought that he was just fucking with me at first and that I would be able to still install afterwards but no …

Thanks for the help!

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