My Birthday

25 05 2010

Hello all, I am writing this at the end of the day on my birthday. I felt that I ought to share what I got and did with the blogosphere, so here goes:
In the morning, I got up, got dressed, and took out the ingredients for my cake. Then, I “subtly” dropped hints that I’d like to see my presents. They were:
A new iPod touch (I dropped my old one)
A SuperDrive for my ThinkPad
And, tickets to Alice in Wonderland, which we went to see.

After seeing Alice in Wonderland, we came back home and ate cake. There really isn’t much else to it.

What I Got For Christmas

25 12 2009

For Christmas I got:

1 red golf shirt
1 Fox Hollow Golf Course sweatshirt
1 heavy jacket
1 lighter flannel jacket
2 Exploded 128 T-Shirts (The factory accidentally put 2 in the package!)
1 iPax speaker system
1 $15 iTunes gift card
1 $25 iTunes gift card
1 $20 Bookman’s gift certificate
Oh, and a new bike.

I’m happy. 😀

Merry Christmas,