Error 1600 in iTunes

8 03 2010

Well, I was having some problems with my iPod touch not really liking being jailbroken, and I thought I traced it back to redsn0w. So, I downloaded the latest version of PwnageTool, ran it, and (slowly, painfully) generated a custom .ipsw. Then, since I hadn’t been able to put my iPod into standard restore mode, I used the learned-by-heart combination of 2sec-power, 10sec-power+home, as long as it takes-home for DFU mode. It showed up, and I ⌥-clicked to restore from my custom IPSW. But what? Right after it said “Preparing iPod for Restore”, I got Error 1600, which isn’t even documented on Apple’s site! I tried again, and the same result. So, I tried the stock firmware. Oh no! Error 1600! Next, I tried my mom’s Vista laptop. Error 1600! After all this, feeling rather downhearted, I thought of what else I could try. Since the error was right at “Preparing iPod for Restore”, AKA “We’re putting it in copy-files-to-the-root-directory mode”, I thought the problem might be that it was in DFU mode. Considering that, I grabbed my half shot-put and a tact switch that was missing its legs, and made a button-presser of sorts. I used the 10sec-home, plug it in, keep holding home combination, but after 30 seconds of holding home, I put the tact switch and shot-put on the button, carefully shifting it so that it stayed pressed. 5 minutes later, “iTunes has detected an iPod in Recovery Mode.”! Now, my iPod has been properly restored! So, to sum up, Error 1600 means: Dude, your iDevice is in DFU Mode, and we can’t make it go into copy-to-root mode. PUT THE F***ING THING IN STANDARD RESTORE MODE!!!



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